Night Driving & Eye Sight: Take Care

Night Driving & Eye Sight: Take Care

Night driving presents its own type of dangers. This the case for all road users including the most sharp-eyed amongst us. According to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, approximately 40% of collisions occur in the hours of darkness.

A number of variables may increase the likelihood of an accident occurring at night time: conditions on the road, the weather, our environments, and the condition of our eye sight.

Our ability to respond safely to events that occur whilst driving at night can be challenged by a number of factors. It could be that we are caught without our sunglasses as we struggle with the glare of the setting sun. Perhaps we are compromised due to unlit streets or the sudden appearance of a dark-clothed pedestrian. Or, (increasingly it seems) we may find ourselves startled by the bright lights of an oncoming vehicle causing glare and blurred vision to even the healthiest of eyes.

So what can we do, and what should we be aware of?

It is especially important for those with diagnosed eye conditions to ensure they have regular eye checks. Night blindness can be particularly problematic for people who have cataracts as the cloudy deposits can cause light-scattering across the retina, thus enhancing blurred vision to bright lights at night. Other conditions which can have a negative impact include retinitis pigmentosa, direct injury to the eye, and even nutritional deficiencies (low Vitamin A intake can bring on night blindness).

Tips to Stay Safe when Night Driving

  1. Ensure you visit an eye care professional at least once every two years
  2. Make sure your car is in good condition and is routinely checked
  3. If you having cataract surgery ask your surgeon about aspheric intraocular lenses
  4. Plan your route carefully
  5. Take breaks on long journeys
  6. Seek care if you develop eye symptoms

Infinity Eye Clinic wishes you a safe journey on the road, and if you are in any doubt at all, feel free to drop in for an eye consultation for extra peace of mind.