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Infinity Eye Clinic is a Harley Street clinic providing private Ophthalmology eye care in London. Our private Ophthalmologists are experienced Consultants who specialize in Cataract surgery, Glaucoma treatment, and Retinal diseases. We provide an efficient service for Chalazion removal and handle all aspects of General Ophthalmology. You will enjoy courteous, personalized medical attention and an exceptionally high level of care.

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Urgent Eye Problems

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Chalazion Removal

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Cataract Treatment

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Glaucoma Treatment

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YAG Laser Capsulotomy

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Why Choose Us?

Our Consultant ophthalmic surgeons specialize in Glaucoma treatment, Cataract surgery, Retinal disorders, and Chalazion removal. At our clinic, assessment of your eye condition will include a thorough examination, and many tests can be performed conveniently in-house.

Top-Notch UK Surgeons

Our Consultant surgeons are among the highest-level ophthalmic surgeons available in the UK. Trained at Moorfields & centres of excellence both within the UK and internationally, our ophthalmic consultant team offers a combination of experts, focussed on the best quality eye care, not found in any other clinic.

Focussed on Quality

Your eyesight matters & often cutting cost means reducing quality. Personalised treatment plans, state-of-the-art technology, highly-qualified ophthalmic surgeons and carefully tailored aftercare is an investment worth making.

Consultant Eye Care

All our consultations are personally delivered by our Consultant surgeons, offering tailored care from the start, ensuring that you are kept up to date and informed throughout.

Latest Technology

We are equipped with state-of-the-art ophthalmic instruments & machines. We have spared no expense in providing the best technology available to undertake your eyecare.

Eyecare Expertise

Treatable Ophthalmology Conditions


A cataract is an opacity of the natural lens of the eye.  This causes blurred vision because it prevents light from entering the eye.  Most cataracts develop because of natural aging. Cataracts can be removed to restore vision.  For most patients, the treatment of choice is a minimally-invasive procedure, called phacoemulsification, which lasts about 30 […]


Glaucoma is a disease of the main nerve of the eye that causes irreversible loss of vision.  It is usually associated with an excessively high pressure within the eye. In its early stages, glaucoma affects peripheral vision and may go unnoticed. However, in its later stages, it can also affect central vision, affecting the ability […]


The retina is the light sensitive layer at the back of the eye. Disorders affecting the retina can damage the vision. Medical, laser and surgical treatments may be used, depending on the nature of the retinal problem. Our experienced Consultant Vitreoretinal Surgeon has special training in diagnosing and managing retinal problems. Ask our friendly team […]


A chalazion, also known as a meibomian cyst, is a firm round lump in the upper or lower eyelid caused by a chronic inflammation or blockage of the meibomian gland. It can sometimes be mistaken for a stye. It can become acutely infected, otherwise it may settle by itself. It could cause eyelid tenderness, and […]

Red Eye

Red eye is one of the most common eye conditions. Inflammation of almost any part of the eye, including the lacrimal glands and eyelids, or faulty tear film can lead to red eye. Because there are many potential causes requiring differing treatments, a successful outcome depends on correct identification of the underlying cause.

Other Eye Problems

A wide variety of problems can affect the eye and surrounding structures. Ophthalmologists are qualified doctors who have special training in diagnosing and managing eye problems. All our Ophthalmologists are experienced Consultants who are registered as Specialists in the UK. Ask our friendly team about your eye problem. Whether it’s an urgent issue or something […]

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Our Team

All our Consultant Ophthalmologists are highly-qualified doctors registered as Specialists in the UK. They are focussed on excellence in eye care and offer treatment plans that are carefully tailored for every individual. With decades of combined professional experience, our friendly and efficient team will look after you all the way.

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Specialist Ophthalmology in Harley Street
Decades of Combined Experience
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“Very detailed and informative feedback. Excellent treatment and follow up”

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What our clients say...

"One very satisfied customer"

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What our clients say...

"Excellent service accompanied by knowledgeable treatment"

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What our clients say...

"Very professional all throughout my journey"

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What our clients say...

Our consultant was brilliant. She exuded professionalism and made the overall experience less stressful

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What our clients say...

Excellent all the way, outstanding service!

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What our clients say...

Personable, efficient service with great professionalism. Thank you

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What our clients say...

Fantastic service, very impressed

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Ophthalmology in Harley Street, London 

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