Mr Jayesh Khistria

Jayesh Khistria

Mr Jayesh Khistria MSc. BMedSci (Hons) is a Consultant Orthoptist at Moorfields Eye Hospital and is lead orthoptist for paediatric and adult orthoptics at St Georges and Croydon NHS Trust Hospitals. He specialises in both adult and paediatric treatment of squints (strabismus), amblyopia (lazy eye) and double vision. He has a particular specialist interest in neuro-ophthalmology, stroke, and orbital fracture patients.

Mr Khistria graduated from University of Sheffield and went on to do a master's in clinical ophthalmology at University College London. He started his early orthoptic career at the Oxford Eye Hospital and went on to Moorfields working alongside some of the UK's top squint surgeons. He is also the first orthoptist in the country to be working in an advanced neuro-ophthalmology role and has recently undertaken lecturing at UCL for new undergraduate orthoptists.

Mr Khistria's expertise encompasses children's tailored patching treatment and accurate prismatic correction for double vision. He is focussed about patient centred care and will ensure that he tailors management plans to each of his patient's needs.