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Squint occurs when the eyes are not properly aligned. Squints can happen at any age, in both children and adults. Some squints may be associated with double vision or loss of vision. Potential causes of squint include problems with the focus of the eyes, diseases causing poor sight from the eyes, and conditions affecting the muscles or nerves controlling eye movement.

In children, a common cause of squint is refractive error, that is a problem with the focus of the eyes. So checking the focus of the eyes using special techniques may be required. Eye drops may be needed to relax the focus of the eyes and obtain an accurate prescription.

Sometimes, squint can be caused by diseases affecting the sight from the eye, such as cataract or problems with the retina. Therefore, a careful examination of the eyes themselves may also be needed.

Squints can also occur because of problems with the nerves or muscles controlling the movement of the eyes.

Squints which have previously been corrected by surgery or injections sometimes come back later on and require further treatment.
Some squints can be corrected using glasses of the appropriate strength. It is important that the prescription is accurate. If the squint is causing double vision, special glasses lenses may improve or eliminate it. The glasses may need to be updated from time to time.

Certain squints can be treated using Botulinum toxin, which is injected into the muscles that move the eye. Surgery to shorten or move the eye muscles themselves can also be performed.

Because there are many potential causes of squints, successful treatment depends on correct identification of the underlying cause.

A timely consultation will help to establish the correct diagnosis so appropriate treatment can be provided.
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