Do I need Cataract Surgery?

Do I need Cataract Surgery?

Cataracts are uncommon before the age of 40, but once cataracts do develop, an eye care specialist may mention during a routine eye examination that you have early cataracts, even if you have not noticed visual blurring or other symptoms.

Generally you will be the first one to notice changes in your vision that may require cataract surgery.

Symptoms of Cataracts

Most people will not begin to have symptoms from their cataracts until many years after the cataracts start to form. It is reasonable to consult your ophthalmologist at regular intervals to monitor your cataracts. A cataract can be safely observed without treatment until you notice changes in your vision.

What to do about Significant loss in vision

When you develop significant vision loss directly because of the presence of cataract, then cataract surgery is normally recommended. However, your ophthalmologist may not recommend surgery if you also have other significant eye disease, unconnected to cataracts, that impairs your vision.

It may be necessary to perform cataract surgery to remove a cataract that resulted from eye trauma or previous eye surgery, so that the eye specialist is able to see the retina at the back of the eye. In which case, this may be appropriate so that the ophthalmologist can assess the retina or optic nerve for further treatment.

Cataract surgery is usually performed under local anaesthesia and typically takes less than 30 minutes, but account is taken of the individual’s coexisting medical conditions and the mode of cataract surgery is personalized for the individual. 

Do you need cataract surgery?

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