Cataract Treatment

We remove cataracts to restore vision. For most patients, the treatment of choice is a minimally-invasive procedure, called phacoemulsification.

The surgery lasts about 30 minutes and can usually be performed as a day case, under local anaesthesia. This means patients recover very quickly from surgery and don’t need to stay overnight in hospital.

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Cataract Treatment
Facts about Cataract Surgery
What Symptoms suggest that I have a Cataract?
How can my Doctor tell that I have a Cataract?
How do I know if I need Cataract Surgery?
Are there Different Types of Cataract Surgery?
Why are different types of Artificial Intraocular lenses used in Cataract surgery?
What happens just before & on the day of Cataract Surgery?
After Cataract Surgery, what then?
Tell me about the potential Risks of Cataract Surgery


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